Guidance on Information Requirements and Chemical Safety Assessment - Chapter R.7c: Endpoint specific guidance
Guidance on Information Requirements and Chemical Safety Assessment - Chapter R.11: PBT/vPvB assessment
"How birds of prey are exposing a toxic time bomb" - researchers are finding chemicals that have not been fully tested for their environmental impact in eagles, owls and falcons
Two policy briefs as an outcome of LIFE APEX project published in Environmental Sciences Europe
LIFE APEX Final Workshop (Hybrid event) in Berlin, Germany - Discussion with international experts towards a better use of monitoring data from apex predators and their prey in hazard assessment and management under REACH
Issue N°7 of LIFE APEX Newsletter available online
Publication using wide-scope target screening in white tailed eagles (work conducted in the frame of doctoral thesis at the Leibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research)
New publication on Determination of 56 per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances in top predators and their prey from Northern Europe by LC-MS/MS
Collaboration between LIFE APEX and European Raptor Biomonitoring Facility COST Action (CA16224) mentioned in the ERBFacility Newsletter
LIFE APEX presented at ERBFacility WG3 virtual meeting: The Role of Collections for Contaminant Monitoring in Raptors across Europe - State of Play and Next Steps
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The LIFE APEX project (LIFE17 ENV/SK/000355) has received additional co-financing by the Green Fund. The total amount of additional co-financing was 15,000.00 € (on 18/01/2020) and 14,970.00 € (on 14/02/2022) and supported the implementation of the project’s actions / ΑΔΑ: ΨΣΙΦ46Ψ844-Σ31.

Recent events

LIFE APEX Final Conference - 14 June 2022, Berlin, Germany

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